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Toys with Roots designs dolls for Shoprite Checkers!

What an exciting moment it is for Toys with Roots to be part of ensuring that children from all economic backgrounds are able to access beautiful black dolls which celebrate them! Access for all children has been something we have been vocal about since our inception in 2015 where we saw that the dolls which were specially created with a story were for a small high end segment of the population. As Toys with Roots, we don’t have the scale yet to source volumes large enough to be able to get the economies of scale which the likes of Shoprite Checkers achieve. It was through this partnership that we could access this market and achieve our vision.

We created 3 dolls in what we called the Rainbow Kids collection. Their faces were designed by local designers and their hair and clothing matched as closely as possible to the original vision. These are characters who are part of a story quite similar to those we used to hear as children. It features a grandmother who is a hero, a zimzim (monster) and special powers. These children are special and represent different African languages.

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The dolls are available exclusively at Shoprite Checkers stores nationally at R99.99.

Yours in celebrating African children


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