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Celebrating Freedom Day

It’s the long weekend!!! Yaay!!! But is that all it is?

The 27 April 1994 is of extreme importance within South African history but not many know why it is significant. In fact, not many children have been educated about this day enough in order for them to fully appreciate its value.

It is not just a day off but a day where everyone, irrespective of race was able to make their voices heard. It was a day when all South Africans could choose their government and the people who had been fighting for many decades to be allowed an opportunity to have a say in how their country was run and to claim some form of power, finally took the pen and put a cross on a piece of paper, which would forever change the course of South Africa.

We can now go where we could not before. We can say what we want to say without fear of reprisal. We can engage in business with whomever, wherever. We can form relationships with anyone without fear.

Still we realise that the inequalities are not fully eradicated but we celebrate progress. We see our children growing up with an assertiveness to express without consideration of race. We see our children engaging in activities which our forefathers could have only dreamt of. We see our people reaching heights and achieving triumphs which were only for a select few. We see our people in positions of influence, making remarkable moves.

This Freedom Day, we enjoy time off and importantly salute all those who have ensured that we can have this prized freedom, paid for with blood and tears.

Freedom has come mama!!

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