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Toys with Roots is a company whose purpose was to create a destination platform for toys and things which intentionally and beautifully celebrate African children. We believe that our African children need to identify with as well as see themselves and their greatness in the songs they sing, books they read, toys they engage with and media they consume. It is through Play that they can best learn and form these important concepts about themselves and their world.


We have an assortment of dolls and beautifully written and illustrated books written in various languages. The stories center around African children and what is familiar to them, always with an educational element.  

Toys with Roots has released its first children’s music album title Songs with Lali. It consists of 27 songs, 15 with lyrics and 12 are instrumentals which children can sing to. They are especially great for school concerts and also for kids to create and add their own lyrics. The CD has lyrics which the older children can read but the music is also available on most digital music platforms.

Sales are made via our online store, Toys R Us outlets, Shoprite and Checkers stores and via pop up markets. The business is currently driving activities to grow both the portfolio and distribution.

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