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At the base of a rainbow under a waterfall is the home of the Rainbow Kids. Nandi, Khana and Pula are some of the kids who ran away from Zimzim the dragon who attacked their home in Rihanyo village. 

With their special powers, they are ready to make the world a brighter place. 


Born with a victory dance inside of her. She brings light to the world through dance and her beautiful movements.


The rain bearer. He loves the sound of the rain and uses water to wash away sadness.


Sweet like her name. She loves colours and always paints to brighten the world.


Rainbow Kids

Once there was a village called Rihanyo with a peaceful people who loved and took care of each other. This was a beautiful green and lush village with fruit trees and flowers, rich with minerals such as gold, diamonds, silver and coal. The villagers were humble and talented people, whose children were gifted with special powers like healing through music and laughter, the power of nature allowed them to speak to plants, animals and also control the weather.

One day a dragon named Zimzim came to seek to live amongst the people. As they were a loving people he was welcomed by all. He helped them with his gift of breathing fire, making it easier for them to cook and stay warm. Zimzim saw the beauty and unhidden riches of Rihanyo and wanted to own it all and be rich, so he came up with a plan. He told the villagers he would charge them silver and gold for his fire, they wondered why he would want to be paid with such common things. But nevertheless they agreed. Over time the silver and gold no longer satisfied Zimzim, he became hostile and very greedy. He longed for the special powers the village children had and he demanded that the village elders give him those powers, but they refused.  In a fit of rage and anger Zimzim burned down the village. 

The children used to stay with a wise old Gogo, named Mabatho. She ran away with all of them to get away from the fire. She took them to her secret place through a cave to the other side of the village. Behind the cave was a waterfall that always had a colourful rainbow, at the bottom of it was a small and beautiful place which Gogo Mabatho called Rainbow village. 

This is where she raised the children, teaching them about their special powers, how to nurture them and their own unique differences. She would tell them stories about their happy and peaceful home, Rihanyo. The children soon grew up and left Rainbow village, but they would always come home. Gogo Mabatho  warned the children that they weren’t safe. Zimzim would always be looking for them because he wanted their special powers. 

Nandi, Khana, Pula, Langa, Maru, Vhuwani, Tintswalo are a group of kids from Rainbow village on a mission to make the world a colourful and beautiful place through their special powers. 


These beautifully representative puzzles are available in 48 and 100 pieces. They capture the three Rainbow Kids friends at play in their beautiful village. They can be found at all Shoprite and some Checkers stores at R19.99 per box.

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