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Same old, same old in 2020

Updated: May 30, 2020

Since 2015 we have been in this toy space. My impatient self is not content with where we are and the pace we are moving. At times I find myself feeling like we are doing the same old same old...

Well is there anything wrong with doing the same old same old? A better question is this, Is the same old same old still relevant today? Without a doubt YES!!!!! An even better question is this: Is that same old same old a same old same old to EVERYONE around the world? No! Sadly it is not.

Until every African child can look at their brown skin and beautifully defined features in the mirror and feel like THAT is beauty, our job is not done. We will keep doing the same old same old because it took years to create negative self perceptions and will take many years to change them.

Here's to preaching the message that Representation Matters!

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